SEO Guide for Beginners

First time when u hear word SEO It is like voodoo magic word, or some kind foreign language word which means for u nothing.

It was same for me as I heard SEO first time.

The real thing is that SEO it is very complicated and you have to learn every day it, but fun part of it is that SEO can be done by teenager or even can be done on old lady PC on the couch.

All SEO guru whom will try tell u that u will never ever learn SEO are incorrect and u are free to learn SEO and earn money from SEO if u will pass our SEO training course and u will be using our SEO money earning blueprints.

As a proof to show that u can easy understand SEO basics we will give u all SEO guide in one page and u should be able to learn SEO basics as fast as u can learn.

Many years we work with companies or site owners and we help them to earn enormous amount of money and to reach Google TOP 3 positions with very competitive keyword websites.

Most important thing in SEO is, that there are no guidelines to be best in SEO, but there is guidelines to be well configured website guideline which will generate costumers, and these costumers will generate u salary every month.
U must remember that 95 percent of info about SEO in internet are old and not useful at all so if u want to be on elite of knowledge of SEO, if u want to beat competitors, and start living from SEO u must use our SEO money earning Blueprints.

SEo optimization

We use info we are using now, not used couple years ago, and we are confident that all we speak, are working now.

How SEO Really Works

Many of marketers make the mistake of seeing SEO only as a source of free traffic.

Doing SEO we are seeking traffic from Google but we cannot think that this traffic is free.

And by the way meaning of free traffic is kind of strange cause u spend a lot of time to get that traffic and that is why this is not correct “free traffic” expression.

Main idea of all SEO is to help people find what they search in search engines, and preferable it would be yours website.

When you reach understanding of SEO as a professional you will understand that search engines brings free traffic to webpages of yours or yours competitor depends which website has answers to people are searching.

U must learn lesson about SEO, that if you want SEO to work for you, you need to make sure your SEO goals match the goals of your visitors, in others words u must understand what person are searching and how he will input that question to search engines.

You must understand what exactly person are searching and how it was asked in search engine to give proper answer to that search engine and person same time.

Same time you give info to search engines to bring people to yours website.

How do you discover what those keywords are?

Do deep research and use imagination.

SEO keyword research: How to Find the Right Keywords seo links

U cannot do business with SEO if u will not do keyword research.

Search keywords and phrases for yours main goal as a:

•    Have a high search volume (people are looking for the keywords);

•    Competition are low ( it means there are less webpages about same result so it would be more easer to reach search engine top positions)

•    Have good price in AdWords campaigns (means, that u can earn lot of money selling Affiliate products on yours web page via this kind SEo campaign);

•    U have ideas how to do good content on these keywords.

There are a lot of keyword research tools and one of I use is AdWord keyword research tool.

U can use and payable research tools, u can use free tools, but never forget, that all keyword research tools do not tells u all truth and u have use imagination to get results from it back.

Use our SEO Keyword research blueprint to learn how to search potential keywords to earn thousands of dollars per months.

Before going very deep into keywords you should understand about long keywords, need to decide how concrete yours keywords will be of yours website theme. Both you can be not so specific concrete and then these keywords will be „The Long Tail." That is how these keywords are called.
SEO keyword The Long Tail

Popularized by Chris Anderson, the Long Tail describes a way of keywords are stuffed when many low potential keywords do phrases with high potential, these can collectively send you more visitors than a few high-traffic keywords, cause there is a lot of words with one and the same meaning and a lot pf phrases can be used for searching one and the same idea or thing, so use them all and get as much traffic as u can get, and do not stuck on one keyword, which could generate you traffic to yours website but in SEO world has big competition and probably u won’t be winner except if u will be using our Blueprint technics.

How does the long tail apply to yours web site in SEO?

When you combine long tail keywords, your long tail (unpopular) keywords can do up to 80% of your traffic to website.

So, when you’re researching keywords, don’t just focus on the high competition ones getting massive amounts of traffic, because there are and others ways to get plenty of free traffic from search engines.

Take note of some of the less popular ones too, and then incorporate them into your overall strategy.

Crafting Your Content

For picking the right content keyword use our Keyword Blueprint.

After you pick the right keywords, it’s important to start crafting your content.

U already know that search engines uses bots to search and crawl websites, that is how these search engines understand what information are in website and to whom this website can be showed.

Our most intention and target is to do website on site seo for purpose that search engines will bring us customers for our seo optimized keywords on site, sure we will use not only certain keywords but and antonyms and synonyms, phrases.

U should remember that bots can read text documents and cannot read video and pictures so do not misunderstand technics and use it proper.

It’s easy for bots to interpret text, but they aren’t advanced enough yet to watch videos, look at images, or listen to audio.

Everything in website should be described that search engine bots could read and understand what they search inside site and that what search engines found inside site must be easy to able to return to searchers that are searching this kind of info on search engines.

Do not do wrong decisions:

U do not need to do website only for search engine bots, website on site seo should be done for customers who will come to yours site via search engines, but this site must be written properly that search engines could read site and could properly return as a search result.

Web site cannot be optimized only for search engine bots and either only for people, web site on site seo should be optimized for both.

Site should be optimized well to help search bits find what we need and people to read our content.

seo keywords

SEO key attention to:

    Titles – Create eye-catching titles that raise the reader’s interest.

It should be interesting and it should do a great first impression but it must be informative and relative to yours site key concept and yours SEO marketing concept.

    Keywords – From keywords we do proper description for costumers whom are searching us in internet sea, and keywords must be picked that will help bring people to your site and are relevant.

    Links – U should always seek links to quality sites that compliment what your website is about.

It’ll encourage sites in your niche to link to you as well. U will create well suited SEO link with perfect SEO recommendations.

    Quality – Simple as 2 x2 if you don’t understand what are talking about, better do not speak about it at all.

U should to publish unique and quality content as u can do it.

That will be the reason why search engine bots brought persons to yours site, they are interested in yours content, they cannot easily find the content elsewhere, or there is no other content like information are share in yours site and searchers may free share this information to further friends via social networks and u will earn more white seo links with good respect from other publishers to yours website.

Good content that are shared to other people are viral content and it is what u have to try reach with every post u are doing.

Freshness – If you are publishing content that does not are old or become outdated last month, that’s great, but you also need constant fresh and quality content input into yours website as regularly as you can do it.

If you want to have good website you need to find time for it to add good content, consider adding many questions or any quiz or answers to any kind of questions.

Remember u need constantly ad some fresh articles or content to yours website to show searching search engines that yours website are alive and you constant do new input of new fresh content into site, you are reviewing yours website content and to show people whom are searching yours website that website are fully working, information are not outdated and they can return to yours website again.

SEO technical strategy are more important thing in 2019 SEO world and will be more important further, and all SEO trainings and SEO courses should speak that, do not publish someone else’s content on your website.

Such a content from others site will be plagiarism and will be mentioned as a  duplicate content on yours site and search engines definitely will act as that you do not have yours own fresh content and yours site will get penalized.

Always try to write new content.

But there is but no one can forbid you to take action on yours content by see competitors topics, these article topics will help you generate and publish yours own content with good one topics that was published in competitors website.

Pick ideas , it is not stealing, from yours competitors and write articles to yours website whatever you like and what you like, and in yours way as you want, do not use copy paste of website, or u will never ever get to top of search engines.