Organic SEO or Google Ads Advertising?

Which type of advertising would be the most suitable for you?

The goal of each website is to reach the maximum number of visitors, and that number of visitors is targeted, generates appropriate visits and sales. The Google search engine is a monopoly on the web, so if you are not in google results, then you are not at all online.

ads or seo

There are only two ways in google search results:

1) when you buy advertising directly from Google Ads;

2) When you invest in SEO processes and your website is in natural google search results.

Which way is right for you and which is better?

However, unfortunately, there is no unambiguous answer. In each particular case, you have to look at what is more worthwhile, who will generate the highest ROI. Most often, the most worthwhile use of Google Ads and SEO at one time.

It is very important to remember that both Ads and SEO will not automatically generate any results. These are just the tools needed to develop a marketing plan to make that plan a reality. Incorrectly designed marketing plan, wrongly chosen implementation strategy will generate huge losses for you. Losses will be defined as an expression of time and finances, as in one case, Google Ads will generate incorrect clicks for you to pay, but they will not generate sales for you. In the second case, you will lose months and years working with SEO, which is configured incorrectly from the first step.

Organic SEO- A natural flow of visitors from google search engines.

One of the major seizures of SEO in comparison to google ads is what few think. This is the reliability of a website based on search results. Google has been a market monopoly for many years and people are already aware of the results of Google Ads advertising and where natural search results are.

Search engine users are well aware that the first results of Google Ads are purchased by companies with the highest budgets. The biggest budget of the company does not guarantee that the search result will be the best, even though it is the goal of Google Ads. Alternatively, the best result of a natural search is rating that a website matches the results of a search query and that people find answers to search queries on that website.

Statistically, it is found that organic search results generate more than 50% more clicks than Google Ads generate.

Big businesses are interested in getting into the first positions of google seo results, but it's not that easy, needing big resources and time to prepare the website properly to get into the top 3 SEO results positions.

The site must meet the criteria for organic google search results, which are currently over 220 units;

a website must be better than its competitors;

websites should be more interesting than competitors;

A website must generate the best search result so that a person can find all the results of a search query on this site.

Organic seo requires a lot of work, sometimes the project lasts for a couple of years.

After reaching the maximum position of the seo results, a different job begins, keeping the positions and fighting with the competitors. This is a continuous process that never ends, there will always be competitors who will want to take one of your googles search results.

The essential advantage of organic seo is that in almost 90% of cases it is much cheaper than google Ads. For one of the customers we have implemented and run on seo, we save € 6,400 per month on Google Ads advertising costs. Every month. And so for 4 years, which would be 307200 €.

The essential minus of organic seo: the work takes a long time, sometimes it takes 12-18 months, what we have a tangible result.

ads or seo

Google Ads Advertising

The biggest ad channel is Google Ads. We can advertise on google search, YouTube channel, Gmail mailboxes, impact search.

Google Ads is a wonderful advertising channel that enables your ad to show to 2 billion users at once, of course, if you have enough budget.

There are many ways to show your ad, and there are many ways to choose payment, as well as what Google Ads will pay for showing your ad. Whether it's a click or an impression, everything can be set with the utmost precision. The fundamental and fundamental principle of Google Ads is that google sells advertising on an auction basis, which will pay more for advertising and will appear in higher positions. In other words, improperly configured and running Google Ads advertising will only generate a loss for you because you pay a great deal, and customers who buy your product will not get lost. Google Ads is the commercial engine of the company, its goal is to earn from your advertising, and whether or not you will earn from that advertising is your business.

The biggest advantage of Google Ads is that you can control:

  • Why show Google Ads advertising;
  • at what time to run
  • the budget for advertising;
  • what keywords to advertise;

The essential Google Ads minus: Every day of your campaign will generate a loss for you if you have incorrectly configured your campaign.


There's no one right answer here: better Google Ads or organic search for google SEO.

We always recommend using both advertising channels for our customers, as it generates maximum return in the shortest time frame. The use of advertising channels depends on the type of your online project, your target customer.

The key is to realize that if you are not in Google search results, then you are not at all online. Whatever method you choose, whether it is Google Ads, whether it is SEO, or both, is absolutely irrelevant. What matters is how much profit you have after selling the product.

Only highly qualified SEO and Ads specialists can bring your business to the top of Google results.

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