What you should Know About SEO?

Google is constantly changing the algorithms of SEO, so here are the key factors that every person who works with SEO will need to know.

Every year, Google releases dozens of severe search engine algorithm updates and several hundred small updates. The primary purpose of Google's algorithms is to improve the UIX of Google search users so that users find precisely what they were looking for in a search query.
SEO Optimization

What worked in 2015 is no longer working in 2019. There is a "sea" of information on how to correctly and adequately make website SEO, just one trouble, that information is often outdated and simply no longer relevant. If you follow blogger information about SEO blindly, then your website's results in search engine results will be regrettable.

98% of all SEO experts agree that Google is focused on content strategy, so your website content should be exclusive and unique, but is it so? Whether many websites have unique and engaging content, or indeed such content is exclusive, which is referred to by backlinks, is shared in social networks. Often the answer is NO.

seo optimization

If we start to run SEO services from the core NE, then we need an SEO development strategy, plan, and implementation guidelines.

Here's what you need to know about SEO optimization for today.

3 core SEO optimization elephants

Site Content, Backlinks, Social Channel Dissemination.

Many years ago, the only reliable and possible way to do SEO was to buy backlinks. However strange or unfortunate, yet, Google has taken a big step forward and will follow the old link-building strategy to penalize you for the Google algorithm.

Nowadays, SEO algorithms give more weight to a combined referral network when not only backlinks lead to a website, but also social dissemination developed. When all these elements work together in a coordinated way, the results of the site SEO begin to improve in just days.

The problem is that you need to join forces with an SEO specialist and social channel specialist because one by one is often an incomplete result. Only the whole generates the desired upward jump of the desired positions.

Site Content Is All The King

Over the past few years, content marketing has become perhaps the most widely used phrase among marketing professionals. Good content helps website SEO, bad content destroys website SEO.
Often, marketing professionals forget that content can be text, image, video or music. All of this is the content of the website. If your content is exclusive and complies with the guidelines of the SEO strategy you are seeking, then you are "doomed" to get more and freer traffic from Google.

Backlinks must be natural.

Many marketing professionals, SEO specialists, say that backlinks should be natural, just a question of how to achieve this if your competitors do not want to link to your site? Here's the question that only the SEO specialist knows. If backlinks purchased without a directional strategy, without the appropriate connection/disconnect algorithms, it's likely that Google's algorithms will penalize your site.
The only natural occurrence of a backlink is only possible when your site has something to offer visitors, and visitors share their content through their social channels, while other sites direct their links to your site.

Improving social status with Google+

Since 2013, a powerful Google algorithm plus has been to use a Google + account. The higher the number of customer feedback, the more weight your website received.
Distribution of content via Google + has been a select signal to Google's algorithms and a superiority to competitors.

The speed of getting a website is of great importance.

However, more and more users are moving to mobile devices. It has been founded that if a website is slow to load, then a large number of visitors click the "Back" button to affect the results of the website significantly. How to achieve this? You will have to invest in the services of programmers. While many SEO specialists may claim that this is a small impact on the site, the fact that a person does not receive your website and goes to competitors is already a massive loophole in your entire SEO strategy. As we said at the beginning of this article, the purpose of Google is for every Google search user to find what they need in their queries.

Site and server-side management

It is impossible to achieve excellent results if your website is technically disorderly; people cannot use the website correctly. It is impossible to compete for SEO positions if your "machine tire" lowered. It is possible and necessary for your website to load quickly to work well on both the desktop screen and the mobile device screen.

Stop exaggerating your keywords.


The more you use the excess keywords, the worse you will make for the results of your website SEO. If an SEO specialist tells you that things are not so, then that SEO specialist follows outdated knowledge. One of the most potent possible side effects may be that a website's keywords start competing with each other, leading you to the fact that you don't have a strong page for specific keywords. Remember, lower keyword usage will make it easier for your current page to appear in your SEO strategy.

Use of structural data for maximum SEO result

Google has been using structural data for several years to make search results more exclusive. There is a possibility that your "prescription" page would appear in the search results with star rating and with a beautiful photo. It is necessary to start using SEO structural data, which generates a very high increase in clickthrough rate.
Google has found that if Google's search for structural data for your site is understood, such data will be much better and more accurate for search users, in other words, your SEO results will improve.

Changes in SEO search results in the future

Since Google is a monopolist, we never know what will be new in Google search results. Every year there are new big and small changes to the Google search robot algorithms that need to be adapted and "play" by Google. One thing is clear about the day that the number of mobile queries is rising every year, so those who do not already have mobile websites must take that step.

No matter how Google changes its algorithm computation and rendering, but the right SEO strategy, proper SEO target identification, and plan execution will help you achieve the best SEO results. Proper SEO optimization ensures that your brand becomes known and accessible to an increasing number of people.

But what do you need to know about SEO optimization?

Remember, SEO optimization is the creation of an authority for your project. The more power your project will generate, the more Google will bring free traffic to customers and buyers. SEO optimization is a long-term process, with some customers working for 4 years. It is a continuous process, continuous work, long and consistent work that generates enormous sales opportunities.